Welcome to P&P Services

P & P Services, Inc. is the leading provider of mortgage fulfillment services to the lending industry. P & P facilitates smooth closing, funding and purchase of the loans you work so hard to originate. Partnering with P & P enables the originator to focus on what they do best – originate more loans.

  • Originators: Let P & P take care of the back-shop operations that cost you money and cause you headaches. P & P works with your settlement agent, warehouse bank, and secondary market investor to provide seamless coordination from closing all of the way through purchase of your loan.

  • Warehouse: Banks Know when the funding request is being submitted by P & P Services it has been audited thoroughly to reduce your risk of funding a loan that can’t be purchased.

  • Investors: When purchasing loans that P & P Services performed Fulfillment Services on, the loan was funded meeting all of the Loan Approval requirements.