We provide a wide range of services for each of your loans to help with the widest possible array of products, terms and investor demands that exist in the industry. From our uniquely tailored Compliance Audits to our expedited Shipping Services, our Fulfillment specialists take care of it all. We provide an immediate increase to your closing capacity and accuracy, and with our aggressive focus on the back-end, you’ll be able to focus on the most important part for your business: loan origination.

Compliance Audit Services:

We generate documents either through your closing document engine or through Digital Docs (at no extra charge.) Generation comes with the following risk assessment and automated compliance tools:

  • QM Compliance
  • HOEPA (Section 32 and 35)
  • State Anti-Predatory Lending
  • Truth in Lending Calculations, including MDIA
  • GFE/HUD-1 Comparison
  • Fannie Mae (Agency) 5% Fee Test
  • Investor Specific Requirements

We review the loan origination data against all supporting documents, including the following:

  • Final Loan Approval
  • Rate Lock Confirmation
  • Full Appraisal
  • Hazard Insurance Dec Page
  • Flood Certificate
  • PMI Certificate
  • Last Disclosed GFE
  • Last Disclosed TIL
  • Final 1003 & Addendum (if applicable)
  • Title Commitment
  • Insured Closing Letter
  • Wire Instructions
  • Tax Certificate
  • Survey (TX only)
  • Verbal VOE
  • Payoff Quote/Statement
  • Sales Contract

Funding Services:

Our fulfillment services continue by working with the settlement agent throughout the loan’s funding.

  • HUD-1 Approval
  • Issue Funding Authorization Number
  • Wire Request
  • Net-funding Calculation

Post-Closing Services:

After the loan is funded, most fulfillment services stop, but we continue until the loan is purchased by the investor.

  • Tracking delivery of the Closed Loan Package
  • Executing Note Endorsement
  • Stacking and Shipping or Electronically Uploading Files to Investor
  • Monitoring Investor websites for Purchase Advice or Purchase Delays
  • Clearing Purchasing deficiencies to facilitate investor purchase
  • Retention of Signed Package for 6 months after funding