Have questions about how our company works or how we help you? Consult our FAQ to find our answers!

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How long have you been in business?

P&P Services Inc. originated the fulfillment model in 2001 to help the transition of mortgage brokers into mortgage bankers. Since we began, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients in all 50 States and have helped national banks reduce costs and improve workflows to make a fully functional “outsourced back office” a reality.

How would I submit my orders?

Orders are submitted entirely online in the P&P Services’ Fulfillment Log. This includes all supporting documentation.

Why do I need to submit Supporting Documents?

In order to provide a clean closing and easy sale to the secondary market, we review support documents and alert you to required alterations. Consistent information means no future, costly correction errors.

Do you work with my settlement agent?

We review your title policy, wire documents, and work with your settlement agent on the compliance of your documentation.  We also review the signed documents and order the wire.

How will you review my loan’s fees?

We confirm that your final GFE is correct and matches both your HUD-1 and 1003. We confirm your fees are correct for the investor requirements, Fannie Mae fee limits, and State High Cost tests.

What is your fee for your services?

We charge $350 for our services. Additional fees are charged in some cases, such as specific loan document delivery requirements, loans with concurrent 2nd liens, assignment preparation of Non-MOM docs, and the preparation of Warranty deeds for Texas Purchases.

Is there a charge for re-draws?

Your first redraw will always be complimentary! After the first redraw, additional redraws are $75.00.