About Us:

P&P Services, Inc. provides loan originators an improved business model with increased accuracy and efficiency to create an overall greater loan closing capacity. All an originator needs is a clear-to-close underwriting approval, lock, and the loan’s supporting documents, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll perform compliance reviews, help clear closing and funding conditions, generate closing documents, coordinate funding, ship the loan package to the investor and track the recorded/trailing documents!

The secret to your new success is simple – Better coordinated closings and minimized post-closing issues!


  • Reduce overhead when you pay on a loan-by loan basis
  • Direct energy into originating more loans
  • Less time handling process problems
  • Eliminate need for fluctuating staff during business cycles.
  • Benefit from our years of expertise in solving issues
  • Reduce burdens while keeping control


P & P Services, Inc. will give you an excellent relationship with your investor, bringing top focus to completing their requirements even as your loan is closed and funded. We have extensive, proven relationships with most secondary market investors, and we’ll also gladly work with any additional investor of your choosing!